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Thai Food (Already Profitable) Expansion - Looking For Investor/Loan

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Budget: S$500K - 1M
Preferred Location: Singapore
Preferred Industry: Food and Beverage

Business Details


We are currently one of the leading facebook marketing channel for F&Bs in Singapore that has been around for almost 2 years with over 80,000 followings across our social media platforms.

We generally help F&Bs to promote on social media platforms via viral posts and videos.

Most of our videos get 50-100k views and 1000 over comments and shares.

This have helped hundreds of cafes and restaurants to gain traction for their social media and have a huge boost in business and sales.
(e.g most of our clients are full housed for weeks after our posts, one f&b even gained 300 fb page likes in a day after our post). Testimonials and proofs can be shown during meeting.

Currently, our company business model is to collect a one-time fee for video production and advertising cost.

We are however, planning to start a new marketing company that will INVEST and BUY / TAKE OVER F&Bs in return for company equity, that we deem with huge potential, and take over their marketing for them while using our proven strategies to boost the businesses.

Over time, our plan is to SELL/START franchise/EXPAND these businesses that we have taken over.


One of our first venture that we are proposing is with one of our current client whom sells Thai Food.

Background story:

They were losing money/close to break even for almost a year until we posted a video for them sometime in May-June.

Thereafter, for the next 3 months, they have been making consistent 8-10k profit.

This is a hawker stall.

Food is authentic thai food, and many new faces that went down from our videos became their regulars.

One of the best thai food we have tried in Singapore and do note that we taste food on regular basis (over 100+ videos and posts done on reviewing food locally).

Current breakdown of their first stall:

Staffing: 3 Full-Time, 1 Part-time Total $6000/month

Food cost: $~5000 (includes vegetable, meat, sauces)

Rental (2 stalls): $9000 including electricity, water and washing of plates

Monthly revenue: $25,000 - $38,000 (peak month $45k)

Food cost $4000 is about $25k, $5000 is about $35k.

Profit: $8000-$10000 average.

Start up capital including equipment from bare unit: $50k.

FYI: $45k is for the month where we did the video and did advertising.

Now, is about $30k revenue with ZERO PROMOTIONS (their fb page is inactive).

Our plan is to open a 2nd stall with them and that will become the main stall, and work on franchises/expansions together. We will take over their fb page and actively promote.

Breakeven estimation:

6-8 months.

We are currently looking for the following:

We are looking to raise a total of $80k for the start up, deposit and some running & advertising costs for this stall for our company.

- Loan

This comes with a promissory note or legal IOU form.

You will be returned an interest of 20%, $3.5k monthly from the 5th month of operation onwards until 96k is paid back. (~2 Years)

If you are looking to loan smaller amounts, please divide accordingly.

- Investors

TBA (We will look for investors for our main company that does all these ventures (we have other F&Bs that are next in plans to expand/franchise and grow together). That however, is looking at raising 500k in total, and equity of 12% for 100k).

There is HUGE potential for the company to grow as we have already helped hundreds of F&Bs to grow.

Potentially we can expand to Malaysia and Indonesia.

If you are interested in investing, we can meet up and tell you more details.

You can contact us at 8754 6566 for more details/info.
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