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Looking For Investors (Urgent)

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Budget: S$50K - 100K
Preferred Location: Singapore
Preferred Industry: PUBs

Business Details

Seeking investors for funding in a start-up F&B business in the entertainment sector.

Require capital injection of SGD$200,000. We have SGD$100,000 on hand, seeking to raise the other $100,000.

Will be issuing preference shares to investors to protect their interests (preference shareholders get their share of capital back FIRST before ordinary shareholders get theirs in the event of business winding up). As such, GUARANTEED dividends will be paid to preference shareholders at the following rate:

SGD$50,000 - 12% of capital injection per annum*
SGD$100,000 - 17% of capital injection per annum*
*percentage of dividends can be negotiated

Do contact me at 8389 6777 for further discussions.
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