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Accounting Firm Acquisition

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Budget: S$50K - 100K
Preferred Location: Singapore
Preferred Industry: Accounting and Tax Practices

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Thinking about selling your business?
Bestar is Interested.

Are you considering retiring soon or in the next twelve months? Or have you just experienced your “last” tax season for the last five years?

It’s no secret that accountants struggle with work/life balance - it’s a top concern for 90% of us. And it always seems as though the last tax season was worse than the year before. Worries about utilization rates, profit margins, not finding the right staff – the list goes on and on – abound in most public accounting firms.

When the realities of owning your own business become exhausting, it’s time to look at other alternatives.

We can help.
Whatever the reason and even if you are currently working with a broker, we’d like to speak with you.

Why sell Your Firm to Us?

Bestar is a strong partner that can help you handle the workload and help you attain your desired level of personal and professional success.

We’ll Take the Worries Out of Retiring or Selling Your Practice and Make It Painless and Profitable For You – and Your Clients.

We’re specifically looking for businesses that provide the following to small and medium businesses and individuals:

• tax preparation and advisory services
• payroll preparation and reporting services
• business counseling services, consulting and advisory services
• accounting and financial reporting services and bookkeeping

Depending on your level of revenue, you may sell us just the book of business or the book of business plus the business’ assets.

You’re interested in a fair deal, and so are we. You’ll find that we’ve win-win situations due to our experience in the industry, dedication and deep understanding of the motives behind a sell decision.

Ready to Proceed or Find Out More?
Isn’t it worth a phone call to learn more about your options with Bestar? After you’ve reviewed our information, give us a call today for more straight talk about selling your business to Bestar.

We will:

Establish what type of transaction you are considering
Work together to evaluate your business fairly and
Finalize a deal that helps you achieve your goals.

Everything about your dealings with us is kept confidential and we don’t sell any information we collect. We don’t disclose any terms of sale.

What’s Behind Every Successful Acquisition?

Here’s what you can expect:

• An equitable deal between us
• Continued delivery of unsurpassed levels of service to your clients
• New resources that become immediately available to your office
• A long-term dedication to your market that we’ve entered

You Should Definitely Talk to Us About:

How You Will Be Compensated:
Cash – plain and simple. We have a payout structure that considers the revenue stream of your practice and that values it extremely competitively against the rest of the industry.

How Your Clients Will Be Treated:
With respect and patience as they learn more about us and we about them. We’ve found that our new clients are excited about the additional products and services that are not available to them. Now, instead of doing the consultant hop, they’ve got a one-stop shop!

How Your Staff Will Be Transitioned:
Our experienced team ensures that at the right time your employees are brought up to speed quickly about your decision to sell and how it affects them. Our benefits package and the ability to be part of an organization with additional resources are big draws and make the change-over less threatening.

Your Role at Bestar After the Sale:
This is entirely up to you. You can divest outright or join our organization. In most cases, you’ll join us as a manager, where you’ll have a direct role in the transition of our new clients and in Bestar’s future growth. We will provide the necessary back office support. With many of the marketing, sales and administrative burdens taken off your shoulders, you can devote more time to servicing your clients and focus on the work you love to do.

A New Strategic Career Move
Continuing with Bestar as a Manager

Because Bestar is rapidly expanding, we can offer you jobs and career opportunities unlike most other companies. We hire based on your individual skills and attitude, and it’s not unusual for a position to be created based on your unique talents. You’ll find that we are an innovative and forward thinking organization, and you will enjoy helping us get to where we want to be.

Most of all, you’ll learn how to go from an ordinary practice to an extraordinary business.

Health and Employee Benefits

We are dedicated to providing healthcare options that are affordable and allow employees to make informed decisions for their healthcare needs.

Training and Development

Bestar believes in ongoing personal and professional development. We encourage employees to continue to grow professionally. We offer many opportunities for continued growth and learning throughout the organization.

Bestar offers access to outside seminars, education modules, and tools for maintaining your professional licenses and obtaining the needed continuing professional education credits.

At Bestar, there are many opportunities for a challenging and rewarding career, and tools for continued success as you GROW WITH US!
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