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Investment Needed For Tech Company In The Health Wellness And Services


Asking Price: S$100K - 200K
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The world’s largest taxi firm, Uber, owns no cars. The world’s most popular media company, Facebook, creates no content. The world’s most valuable retailer, Alibaba, carries no stock. And the world’s largest accommodation provider, Airbnb, owns no property.

Companies that control the interface between the consumer and the provider of the goods or services are in an incredibly valuable position. They carry none of the costs of providing the service but take a cut from the millions of consumers that buy from them. The online interface is where the profit is.

The only way our economy, or indeed any developed economy, is going to get richer is by becoming more efficient.

What these technologies do is to enable existing infrastructure to be used more efficiently. Airbnb uses spare rooms that were previously unlet, so the housing stock is used more intensively. So what we have here is simply a replica of a successful business model.

Imagine now at 3am in the wee hours, you open up our app, select a current online freelancer nearest to your known location (just like how Grab will choose the nearest car within your area), book him/her, choose the nearest available hair salon for a hair treatment or a relaxing body massage. Make your payment via PayLah! or Paynow, BOOM, an hour later just like how food panda delivers your food, your hair stylist had arrived at your chosen hair salon/massage place greeting you and getting ready for you.

We are not all talk and no work. This is simply not just an idea. As a start, we had successfully tied up with some of the existing infrastructure like Hair Salon, Mani Pedi, Facial and Massage house in different areas to enable anyone to provide services to just anyone at any given location and at anytime (24/7! Don’t you just love it?). Services can be provided by in house or by any freelancers. You might ask would people rent out their store front to freelancers? This simply can relate to Airbnb. As a start, Who would think that house owners would rent out their house/room to complete strangers? But with the right policy and strict compliance in place, we can all see that Airbnb is already a billion dollar business. So why wouldn’t shop owners rent out their seat to freelancers to earn additional if their place is empty? Besides these freelancers are registered using their ID for security purposes.

Our Apps are fully developed and currently we are on our way to recruit all the freelancers in Malaysia and Singapore who provide the above services. We hope that you see our grand vision and regconize that this is undeniably the evolving trend and if we don’t start this. Someone will. If you don’t fund us, someone will. ( Not being over-confident but investors are always worrying that the idea is not scalable and with a market too small. Our plan is to expand to Asian countries and Singapore and Malaysia is just a stepping stone for us )

Here We are, we hope to raise 200k SGD to kickstart on our marketing campaign and time is money, the good news is Our apps are all ready and functional and needed the last element Cash to launch this. FYI we had been bootstrapping for the past 12 months and spent close to 20k for a compete app/website. Let us not be steve job vs bill gates but join hands to conquer this big market together.

Uber was founded in 2009 but launched its New York service in only four years. Airbnb was founded in 2008 in San Francisco and came to London in 2011. Carousell started in 2012 and look where it is today. It didn’t take Long for venture capitalist to see the potential of such platform and if the right funding comes in, the expected time frame won’t take Long to be noticed.

you see the big point here. We have a set of new technologies, or rather new applications of existing technology, that have over the past five years changed the way we do thing. That has brought massive rewards to the founders and the investors.

However we are still in the very early stages of learning what we can do. We are, I suppose, where Henry Ford was around 1910, when he had got the Model T, but had yet to hit on the moving production line. So are you ready to be the next Peter Thiel Who had invested in Facebook for $500,000 which made him a billionaire today? Let’s talk soon

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